“The System of Practical Training of Medical Physicist”

The project aims at development and modernization of the accredited professional higher education programme “Medical Engineering and Physics” by creating a comprehensive system of practical training that will allow graduates of the programme to work effectively in the field of health care and related sectors.

The Inter-university Master’s Study Module of Riga Technical University and University of Latvia “Medical Physics”
No. 2006/0250/VPD1/ESF/PIAA/06/APK/

According to experts, there will be a demand for at least 200 medical physicists working in medical institutions, commercial companies and public institutions over the next decade in Latvia. Therefore, educational program is required which is developed in accordance with international standards to obtain the qualification in the field of medical physics.

Before the implementation of the Project, Professional Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes “Medical Engineering and Physics” were offered in Riga Technical University (RTU). RTU also offered doctoral studies and was intensively involved in research in the field of medical physics.

University of Latvia (LU) offered “Biomedical Optics” as a sub-programme of Master’s studies in Physics with possibility of continuing studies at the doctoral level and also participated in scientific research in this field at the international level.

RTU and LU successfully cooperated both in the field of education (for example, joint development of medical physics and bioengineering courses in the framework of EU TEMPUS project in 1999 – 2001) and scientific research. This joint collaboration has become the basis for the purposes of this Project.

Using potential and experience of RTU and LU in the field of education in medical physics, the module of Master’s level courses has been jointly developed for the acquisition of knowledge and professional qualification of medical physicist in accordance with the requirements of EU.

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